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The electric surgery bed is an electric hydraulic pressure. The control structure of the control structure is controlled by the control switch, the speed regulator valve, and the solenoid valve. The hydraulic power source is supplied by the electric hydraulic gear pump to control the reciprocating motion of each bidirectional hydraulic cylinder. And control the transformation of various locations by handle buttons, such as lifting, left and right, forward and lower, waist back, mobile fixing, etc., so that it meets the requirements of surgical operations. Hydraulic system: The hydraulic system has the characteristics of compact structure, small size, low quality, low noise, smooth control, easy installation, and overall layout. Hydraulic systems include fuel tanks, one-way valves, solenoid valves, overflow valves, capsule energy storage, pressure gauges, throttle valves, and cylinders.

The capsule accommodation can be used as a power source for storing pressure oils and releases energy during need. Automatic compensation of pressure is achieved according to the pressure gauge. The drive motor is driven independently of the respective supported drivers.

The two sides of the surgical bed are equipped with a close-distance controlled bed controller, and various motion control can be completed by the hand control. Circuit system: The parameters of the electric surgery bed are controlled by microprocessor. The microprocessor is connected to the hydraulic and motor execution part, hydraulic and motor execution part, including: front and rear moving, longitudinal movement, lift movement, and bed surface rotation.

The microprocessor design can simplify the circuit design, greatly reduce the line failure point to ensure the reliability of the action. Essence


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