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The surgical bed is an indispensable medical equipment for medical institutions. It is the most common in medical surgery. It can be used as a operating table in an emergency, so that doctors can perform surgery for patients.

With the advancement of technology, there are currently two types of surgical beds: hydraulic and electric surgical beds. Based on the use, it can also be divided into multi -functional surgical beds, gynecological surgical beds, orthopedic surgical beds, and so on. Let ’s briefly introduce the relevant content of the surgical bed.

Due to the different types of surgical beds in surgical beds, there are more popular functions. And even in the same department, there will be different types of surgical beds. In terms of appearance, it is generally required to be beautiful and generous, with the characteristics of anti -corrosion and easy cleaning.

During surgery, it is required to be free and low. In the process of surgery, the patient's head, neck, and limbs need to be fixed in a position. Therefore, the surgical bed needs to have such a function. Relaxation of the patient's posture in the surgery is conducive to the doctor's operation. The leg plate of the surgical bed is generally required to be disassembled and extinguished, which is easy to adjust.

The material requirements of the surgical bed are also special. For example, the double -layer tablet panel of the operating bed is made of high -intensity light transmittance, which has a good effect on the diagnosis of ray. Generally, it is also very convenient for the adjustment of the height of the upper and lower heights. Essence


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