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Author: Sonkly -Gynecological bed manufacturers

In the process of using the surgical bed, some users have encountered the condition that the device is automatically decreased during use. Once the normal use of the device is used, it will be affected. However, this is a relatively small problem. Grasp the knowledge of the following reasons and solutions. In many cases, everyone can solve this failure by themselves: automatic slow down: The surgical bed will automatically drop in the use of the surgical bed, but the decline is decreased, but the decline The speed is fast, and it is usually a failure of the lifting pump site, and the primary election of this failure has a certain relationship with the equipment for too long. It is because the equipment has been used for many years, and there are very small impurities to stay at the inlet valve path, which causes tiny internal leakage.

In response to such faults, cleaning the lifting pump with gasoline can be cleaned, and the clean oil can be resolved after washing. Automatic and fast decline: If the operating bed has a problem of automatic decline, the decrease is fast and can hear the obvious vibration sound, which usually indicates that there are problems with the inner wall of the lift oil pipe and some scratches occur. In this case, in this case, in this case, in this case, in this case, in this case Changing a new lifting oil pipe can completely solve the failure. Through the introduction above, when you should be able to automatically decrease the failure in the surgical bed in the surgical bed, the fault is resolved in a suitable method, so that the equipment will be restored to normal use.



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