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Gynecological bed, as the name suggests, is the bed that needs to be used when solving gynecological problems for women. But today, with the developed science and technology, technology will turn many things that have not been realized before. For example, the gynecological bed that everyone is familiar with, it is not just for women, it can be used as other values.

1. The gynecological bed that can be used as a rest has the characteristics of regulating height, which can make the patient feel the relaxation and joy in the body. If some performance of the gynecological bed changes, remove the legs that can be supported by both legs and replace it with it to replace it with it. It can support balanced materials, and at the same time optimize the gynecological bed to make it develop towards ordinary beds, so that residents are convenient, flexible, and; second, they can also save the use of space at home, so that the resources can be maximized to the maximum possibility of the resource. Use. 2. Simple gynecological beds can also be used as wheelchairs. Everyone knows that most of the people sitting in a wheelchair are people with disability. Most of the wheelchairs on the market are made of hard materials. Patients also feel that patients also feel like Not comfortable. If some functions of gynecological beds are optimized, install appropriate pulleys underneath, and then optimize the performance in it to make wheelchairs for patients.

Because it uses the back of the sponge and the fabric without wiring, the comfort of the patient will be greatly improved, and it will also help the recovery of the condition. 3. Tools that can be used for maternal rest are the most concerned objects for the whole family. Maternal every move will cause the family to be tense. , Make a maternal rest has a better rest, which is beneficial to the health of the mother. The development of science and technology must not only allow resources to be used within the scope of should be used, but also allows resources to be used within a range of available, so that resources can reach the maximum use, and the economy can also develop in a sustainable direction. Essence



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