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1. Main components of the operating table: 10 stagnant motors, 2 FP distributors, RM pump L, 2 (upright 8 tons) and surgical countertops. 2. The size of the operating table: 175 cm long and 145 cm wide. There are 2 holes on the table n3 cm from the ground. It is a part that is brought out by Baoding. The legs have 6 holes for Baoding of the limbs. The lower part of the surgical co -surface is a gap in nearly semi -circular. centimeter.

“The pillow is 66 cm long and 50 cm wide. Each side has an iron ear for the head of Baoding. The lower edge of the surgical table is 8 cm from the ground. A layer of aluminum plate is pasted on the scientific surface. When the surgical countertop is in the horizontal position, the table can be rotated, and it can be fixed at a certain position according to the flute.

3. Operation method: First turn on the power switch, rotate the motor, and then manipulate the three -handle bumper on the connection assignor. The surgical bed surface is controlled by two oil cylinders, from upright to horizontal, 90 cm from the ground, 90 cm from the ground. Then drop it to a certain position, with a minimum distance of 65 cm. After the surgery is completed, the surgical table will be promoted to the highest level at the level, and then the operating countertop is turned upright. Explanation: The oil cylinder we use is used on the tractor. Its schedule is 297 mm. If the stroke is a large oil cylinder, the surgical countertop can be reduced.

After the operation of this surgery, it is mainly loaded by the bracket, which can avoid damage to the oil cylinder pole. Essence


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