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Author: Sonkly -Gynecological bed manufacturers

The operation bed is a very important role in the normal operation of the surgery. Clean and hygienic surgery is very important for patient rehabilitation. It is very important to do clean and maintenance in daily use. So, the surgical bed is after use. How to clean maintenance? First of all, everyone should understand that the surgical instrument should be in contact with the patient. If there is bacteria or pollution on the surgical bed, it will bring huge hidden dangers for the health of the patient, so it is important to do disinfection before use. To use specific tools to disinfect the surgical bed, it is not possible to corrode mechanical, and do a good job in the choice of disinfection products. This will ensure the effect of cleaning.

Secondly, the daily care is not like some people think, we should scrub and remove oil every day, and do a good job in the maintenance of the operating bed, the key is to take care of it in use. Due to the particularity of the surgical bed, it is generally manufactured using advanced materials. Therefore, its performance is relatively good, but the operational mistake is caused to cause the service bed's service life to reduce the life of the surgical bed, too much operation, which will cause the medical process The risk of surgery. Therefore, a reasonable and effective operation of the operation bed is also a kind of love.

In the use of the operating bed, you can prevent the occurrence of operational errors by some settings or locks. Tips for the dangerous buttons can serve as alert, avoid dangerous occurrence. .


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