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The surgical bed has been used in a large number of hospitals. As a necessary machine in hospital surgery, it exerts great use value in surgical treatment. For this kind of product, its service life is affected by many factors, such as use factors, in addition, it will also be affected by maintenance factors. Next, we will introduce how to extend the use time of the surgical bed. If you want to make the surgical bed for longer, you need to achieve the following points: First, read the instructions of the use of the operating bed carefully. Only when it is used properly, the chance of the product failure will be reduced. In this case, the user, the user, the user It is necessary to operate the division of labor details, and the use of the product must have a certain implementation plan.

Second, the lines inside the surgical bed should be regularly tidy to avoid the lines from being crushed. Third, do not use heavy objects to press the power cord of the surgical bed. This can easily cause the power cord damage, which will affect the normal work of the surgical bed. Fourth, do not let the patient sit on the headboard and leg plate of the surgical bed. When these parts weigh too much, it is easy to cause the surgical bed accessories to deform.

In addition to the above requirements, it is not possible to put the items and heavy objects on the outside of the surgical bed. At the same time, it is necessary to do a good job of the operation of the surgical bed. Only if it is fully considered, the product can be used longer. Essence


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