What are the precautions for custom sofa


Sofa plays an important role in the family, whether it has a strong decorative effect on the whole family, but also has irreplaceable practicality. Many people will customize the sofa according to their own decoration style, living room layout, and their favorite style. But I don't know what needs to be paid attention to when customizing sofas. Today, Xiaobian will take you to see what needs to be paid attention to when customizing sofas and buying them. 1. One of the things to pay attention to when customizing a sofa is the material of the sofa, whether the wood used in the frame meets the standard, and whether the sponge and spring are good or bad. These need to be clarified with the custom manufacturer before and checked one by one when receiving the goods. The damage is related to the service life of the sofa. If a problem is found, it will be returned or claimed for a while. 2. The decoration style and sofa matching will directly affect the decoration effect and beauty of the whole family. You can imagine, if you decorate the European style, what kind of effect will you have with a solid wood classical sofa, I believe that You will definitely have a sour taste. The color and style of the sofa have completely different effects under the lighting and natural light. When customizing the sofa, you must make a double contrast between the natural light and the lighting.

3. The area of ​​the living room determines the size of the sofa. Before customizing the sofa, you must first confirm the size of the living room. If there is an error in the size when customizing, the overall decoration style effect will not be reflected, and the custom-made sofa is for you alone. It cannot be re-sold, because the size error will cause serious waste of resources.


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