How to identify the quality of foot bath sofa


The criteria for judging a good quality foot bath sofa is not just the appearance, but the inside is actually more important. A good set of foot bath sofa must be framed with square wooden nails, and the sides are fixed with boards. Of course, the wooden frame is hidden in the sofa and cannot be seen. We can hold the sofa with our hands to feel the weight. If the sofa is made of packaging boards and plywood, the weight is light, while the solid wood frame is heavier.

The foot bath sofa sponge is also very particular. Sofa cushions are usually made by combining sponges and springs to increase elasticity. In this manufacturing method, the springs of the sofa are prone to problems and make unpleasant noises after sitting for a long time.

Nowadays, sofas that use sponge as fillers mostly use high-density sponge fillers, which have good elasticity and are not easy to deform. The second is the frame of the foot bath sofa. The frame of the sofa is generally made of solid wood. A set of good quality foot bath sofa also has high requirements for wood selection.

Wet wood, which is used to make furniture before it dries completely, and if you lean on a sofa made of damp, strong wood, you can feel the movement of the structure. Dry wood, with no structural change or movement, is worth mentioning that a solid piece of wood usually takes 5 to 8 years to dry completely. Therefore, except for individual foot bath sofas that pursue excellent quality, it is very rare to use really dry solid wood foot massage sofas.


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