How to extend the service life of the foot bath sofa


1. There is a gap in the position of the foot bath sofa manufacturer. The foot massage sofa cannot be placed against the wall, so as to leave a few centimeters of space, which is convenient for ventilation and is not easy to be infected by moisture. 2. The pedicure sofa should not be exposed to the sun. The pedicure sofa should not be directly exposed to the sun. It is easy to fade and absorb dust, which will make consumers feel uncomfortable. It can be covered with a cover, or choose special materials. 3. Different fabrics of pedicure sofas have different cleaning methods

It is a leather-related fabric. Try not to clean it with wet water. The fleece fabric can be vacuumed or used to stick dirty things with rollers. Improper cleaning methods can also cause considerable damage. 4. The wholesale manufacturer of pedicure sofas reminds you not to bleach. The pedicure sofas purchased by many people may be light-colored, but remember not to bleach when cleaning, so as not to affect the look and feel, and normal washing is enough.

However, different brands of pedicure sofas can be cleaned according to the requirements of the merchants. The maintenance of the foot massage sofa is also very important. No matter how good the quality of the product is, if it is not maintained, it will still reduce the service life. Especially in service occasions, keeping the pedicure sofa neat and clean is also what consumers are happy to see, leaving a good impression on consumers.

Regular cleaning and maintenance is better than disregarding it for a long time, or professional cleaning is required.


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