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The structure of the electric surgical bed is very complicated. If it is not a professional medical staff, there may be accidents and cause damage to themselves or others. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the matters that the electric surgical bed should pay attention to during use. 1. Press the switch on the control panel correctly to operate the electric surgical bed.

2. Start the bottom brakes correctly, move the brake board to the fixed rod to fix it, and then start the central brake pile to fix the operating table. 3. After opening the bottom brakes, if there is no fixed electric surgical bed, the operation may occur and displacement of the operating bed at this time, causing the patient to fall to the ground, so the operating bed must be fixed. When the bottom brake is, don't put your feet under the seat.

The wires should be placed in the right place to prevent it from being tripped. The wires and electrical appliances are removed. Do not operate the operating table to prevent electric shock. 4. Do not place heavy objects on the power line. Do not crush the wires during the cart. 5. Do not let the patient sit on the handheet and the headboard, which will cause the accessories to break.

6. Do not put items, heavy objects and accessories on the outside of the surgical bed. 7. The surgical bed and its accessories must be cleaned and disinfected. 8. Buy medical accessories to buy the same family to reduce the trouble of management and use.

9. Check the function of the electric surgical bed regularly. Do a good job of maintenance and charge on time to ensure that the operation can be used immediately. Essence


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