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Author: Sonkly -Gynecological bed manufacturers

For medical device production and processing manufacturers, it is important to ensure that the production of surgical bed products in daily production activities is more important to meet the actual needs of surgical activities. Most of the electric surgical beds are hydraulic cylinders or air springs. The base of the bed adopts a Y -shaped design to ensure that the surgical bed has the highest stability and the most free space, so that the medical staff is close to the patient at zero distance.

The surgical bed should have very good mobility. It is designed in four wheels, which is convenient to move, and has a central mechanical brake device. Its bearings are seal waterproof and easy to clean. The water, blood stains and sutures in the operation will never be wrapped in the bearings. You only need to gently press the headpow of the head and left and right to obtain the position of clinical needs.

Both the legs and the back plate joints have the support structure of the gas spring cylinder, which makes various adjustments soft, mute, and no vibration. At the same time, it effectively protects the joint structure and prevent patients from dumping. According to the individual characteristics of the Chinese people, the standards of my country's medical device industry stipulate that the surface of the surgical bed is 2 m and 0.48 m in length, and the angle of the rear of the whole Taiwan is not less than 25°, The left and right inclination angles are not less than 20°, Folding angle on the head plate is not less than 30°, The lower folding angle is not less than 45°, The corner on the back panel is not less than 80°The angle of the backboard and the seat plate surface is not more than 90°, The lower folding angle is not more than 160°, The folding angle under the waistboard is not less than 90°The rise of the waist bridge is not less than 0.12 m. At the same time, the industry standard also requires that the operating table products should try to adopt the structure of the legs as much as possible.°On the countertop, all adjustments are made of stepless variables.



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