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The use of surgical equipment and equipment is compared with the attention and attention of medical institutions, especially the key equipment products, especially surgical beds, which are very much attention and attention. The comparison of electric surgical beds with other surgical beds is one of the basic medical devices for surgical treatment. In terms of classification, it is mainly divided into: lightweight surgical beds, manual hydraulic transmission surgical beds and electric surgical beds. Lightweight surgical beds are generally made of thin steel plates, type steels or other materials, and are mainly composed of two parts: bed frame and bed surface.

The structure of modern surgical bed equipment products is simple and light. It is suitable for use of surgical surgery such as general diagnosis and treatment, inspection, and can be folded or disassembled when not in use. It is convenient for loading and transportation. It is also suitable for other special occasions, such as portable medical multifunctional diagnosis and treatment beds for field and field treatment. The manual hydraulic transmission surgery bed uses the cylinder as the execution element to control the various actions of the table. The main working process is: when the cylinder valve is opened, the upper and lower cavity of the cylinder is connected. At this time, the piston can be adjusted to the required position; after the cylinder valve is turned off, the cylinder is separated by the cylinder. The role can keep the piston position unchanged.

Because of the use of advanced production and processing technology for the production of surgical bed equipment, the main characteristics of the equipment are foldable, small, light quality, and easy to carry. The excellent use performance of product equipment makes products widely use in life in life. And application. Essence


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