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Surgical beds are often used in medicine. During the doctor's surgery, it is used to place patients. Everyone knows that the time of surgery is life, which is very important. Suppose that if the sudden failure of the surgical bed during the surgery, it specially affects the doctor's surgery, and then it is dangerous to the safety of the patient's life. At this time, there is no time to find a professional for repair. There are no, so both doctors and nurses should understand the simple inspection and maintenance of the surgical bed. When the surgical bed fails, first check whether the indicator light of the power supply is bright. Under normal circumstances, the simplicity of the operating table, the rotation of the tablet, and the rotation of the table should be action.

During the debugging process, if the solenoid valve is induced, the motor also has action, but the operating table may not move. This may be due to the problem of oil circuit. Pay attention to the following solutions for the problem of the oil circuit of the surgical bed. First of all, determine which link of the oil circuit, check the fuel tank, motor, solenoid valve, oil pressure cylinder, etc., pay attention to check in order.

If the oil leakage is not affected before the solenoid valve, if the position of the body cannot be kept normal, it means that the oil leakage is after the solenoid valve; the outer leakage of the oil pipe and the oil cylinder can be directly observed; During the transportation process, the transportation method is not right and it may cause damage. Essence


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