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Since the level of economic development in the market is constantly developing and progressing, under the influence and role of such a market environment, the development level of the majority of production and processing industries is also in the continuous improvement of the industry, this is the key to Important, need to pay attention and attention to surgical bed manufacturers. Fully ensure that the production and processing of equipment products meets the actual technical operation requirements for the majority of production and processing manufacturers, it is very important for the production and processing manufacturers. This requires everyone's attention and attention. Let me introduce the main production of product equipment. Processing technical requirements, convenient for everyone's understanding. Most of the electric surgery bed is used in a hydraulic cylinder or an air spring tank.

The bed base is designed to ensure that the surgical bed has the highest stability and the most free space, so that the medical staff is close to the surgery patient. The surgical bed should have very good mobility, designed with four rounds, easy to move, and have a central mechanical brake device, and the casters are locked or released by the center of the foot. Its bearings are all sealed waterproof, easy to clean, water, blood, and slit heads, etc. in surgery, will never be wound in the bearing.

The head foot and left and right needs to gently press the pinch head handle to get the position of the clinical need. The leg plate and the backplane joint have a gas spring cylinder support structure, which makes various adjustments gently, mute, no vibration, and effectively protect the joint structure to prevent the patient from pouring. .


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