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The hospital is a terrible place, but at the same time, it has to enter. Most of the hospital equipment is mainly white, just to alleviate the pressure of the patient and mark the clean and tidy and tidy of the equipment. In each hospital, the operating room is the most important place. Because the people entering the operating room are more ill, the surgical bed needs to be cleaned more. So, what should be carried out? First of all Clean regularly. There are various equipment on the operating bed with complete function, and long -term use will inevitably contain blood and various other liquids, so after each use, it should be cleaned and disinfected. Essence

Secondly, the pillows, quilts, etc. on the bed should be cleaned frequently. Most of the supplies on the surgical bed are mainly white. If blood stains are obvious, it is very obvious. If it is not treated in time, it will cause psychological pressure to the patient and affect the effect of the surgery. Therefore, the supplies on the bed must be cleaned frequently. Finally, all kinds of tools and instruments will be used during the operation. After each surgery, it should be put away in time and put them in the place that should be placed instead of throwing them on the bed. This gives people a bad feeling. Essence

The health work of the hospital must be done so that it can help the patient's recovery. It is important to pay more attention to hygiene in important places such as operating rooms. Therefore, the cleaning of the operating bed is essential. .


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