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The electric surgery bed is a more important medical device. It does not speak in surgery, but after a long time is used, it will have some problems and faults. Because of its singleness of its work, it has a general situation in the general situation, and it will give you a simple introduction and analyze specific solutions. 1. The more common problem is that the surgical bed will decrease in the case where the bed is decreased in the form of a fixed base, although the decline is not large, but the lamination of time can significantly detect this decline, there is this Most of the problems are due to the problem of lift pumps.

Because after a long time is longer, there will be some impurities adhering to the inlet valve, causing a slight level of intracence. The method is to open the lifting pump for cleaning, and add a clean oil after completion. Once the bed is faster and accompanied by obvious vibration sound, this means that the inner wall of the lifting oil pipe is scratched due to the long-term upper and lower operations, and the scratches are very deep, the solution is direct Replace the new lift tube.

2, the electric surgery bed sometimes occurs on the movement, and there is no reaction while the other is normal and the other is no reaction, which is the failure caused by the electromagnetic commutation valve. This is due to the problem of control circuitry, or the reversing valve is caused by foreign body card death, and the solution is simple, that is, cleaning or replacing the reversing valve. Essence


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