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Tang Du Mu "Gift"“For more than thirteen, the Cardamom year has described the beauty of women in early February. However, the rapid footsteps of today's society not only suppress the psychological health of women, but also bring great trouble to women's physiological health. Modern women's skin is getting worse and worse, yellow -faced puppets, stains, freckles. This is still the endocrine disorders of the female reproductive system.

The gynecological door is always lined up with a car, and there are more and more gynecologists every day. With the development of science and technology, the emergence of gynecological beds greatly alleviate the pain of women's medical treatment. We divide gynecological beds into lightweight beds, ordinary beds and gynecological examinations, which are divided according to the complexity of gynecological beds.

In order to facilitate the rapid production of women, the most likely to bring convenience to patients. Gynecological beds are also designed from a humanistic perspective. It is mainly composed of a bed structure composed of a board, a waistplate, and one leg. In addition, in order to let the leg board be under the lower waistboard, there is a contraction mechanism under the leg plate. This considers the patient's comfort to the greatest extent.

Ordinary bedding, as the name suggests, is a bed for ordinary maternal women. Its structure is relatively simple and the price is cheaper. It is the most commonly used choice for general hospitals. Lightweight bed, small structure, easy to carry, and flexible and diverse characteristics. The gynecological examination of gynecological examination is also called gynecological operating table.

It is an auxiliary medical equipment for gynecological examination and gynecological treatment. It is mainly suitable for hospitals, clinics, and various health homes. The biggest benefit of these three products is flexible and diverse.

Adjust the various positions of patients at the time of consultation according to the actual situation. The emergence of gynecological beds can be described as the greatest extent to avoid women's pain, pursuing benefits for women, and also played an important role in medicine. .


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