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Hold, cutting, suture and anatomy are the function of performing surgical equipment. Most of the surgical beds are easily cleaned, and stainless steel or other metals disinfected and maintained by disinfection and maintenance. Hundreds of different types of surgical equipment and surgical surgery will be a tool that needs to be designed.

There are even different types of surgical equipment for different surgery surgery. The easiest way to explain, the basic coverage of surgical equipment. There are many different varieties of surgical shears.

Some surgery scissors have a blunt blade, while others end sharply. Surgical scissors have curved or straight leaves. Bending leaves make some cut requirements easier to execute.

Other types of surgical scissors, like Meoo scissors, have short cutting blades, are used to cut through thick or hard tissue. On the contrary, Meicen Bum scissors have a very long blade cutting and the surrounding tissue more delicate. The tweezers look like the puppet pliers instead of pulling their eyebrows. During the operation, they held organs and tissues.

Definition pliers at the end of it. Rat teeth, Arison, Adson and Babcock pliers, tissue and organs kicked in teeth to prevent slipping types. The sponge is flattened, and the hollow teeth are sandwiched in an organ.

With a needle as a sewing needle into a tight body cavity, the doctor will use a scissors -like clip to produce meat needles on both ends of the needle. The types of Meogar and Olsen-Hegar needle. These two types of needle holders can clip the lock function, and Olson Hegar also has a blade.

Hooks away from surgical sites for surgical and organ surgical equipment. Sean and Orman are the dysfunction of the type handheld roller, the way of pushing the tip of the tip, and the surgeon is doing it. GELPI and Weitlaner pull hooks, which can be locked in place, so that another surgeon or assistant does not need to hold the type of handheld roller.

The surgical knife is a knife used in surgery. Like the kitchen knife, there are many varieties of surgical knives. It may be different metals, moving or even disposable handle anatomy. The blade of the operating knife is more complicated.

Many surgical blades make different surgical procedures easy to perform. Cut some materials better than other operating knife blades. Essence


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