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what is doctor stool with backrest | SONKLY

What are the benefits of SONKLY doctor stool with backrest ?

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What are pros and cons of Treatment bed vs. Massage Table/Bed ?

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How is a doctor stool with backrest made?

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How can I choose a doctor stool with backrest manufacturers ?

founded in , is located in , We are a professional factory specialized in manufacturing beauty chair,beauty bed,Tattoo chair,Treatment bed, etc. We are mainly specialized in project, we can provide service from drawing making, technology advising, site measurement to products installation and maintenance overall service to our customers. With professional attitude, dedicated spirit and innovative concept, the products we made are economical and practical, and with good quality and novel appearance. Having introduced a series of advanced equipments and with strong professional technology team comprised of senior engineers, technologist and designers, all of these can ensure our goods are of strictly produced in accurate size and technology as high standard process, meanwhile, we are now researching new products and have found systematized sales and after-sale service system to satisfy customers’ requirement and adapt the market’s development. Now we have earned good reputation and approving from our customers. We are always insist on “Customer-centered, Quality first” service concept, we believe that we will get more and more customers’ approving as well as developing ourselves stronger day by day.


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