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Author: Sonkly -Gynecological bed manufacturers

In the use of the surgical bed, there may be failure such as no forward movement and unilateral movement. For such small faults, users can handle themselves first. If you can't handle it yourself, you can't deal with it to find a manufacturer to avoid small failures because there are small faults in the equipment. And too much delay in normal use. In terms of unilateral no action failure occurred in the surgical bed, it is generally caused by the failure of the electromagnetic direction valve. When it is found that the device is in this condition, the first thing you need to do is to check the electromagnetic direction valve. The electromagnetic directional valve failure may be caused by the bad control circuit, or it may also be caused by the mechanical card of the directional valve. Therefore, if you want to find the cause of the fault, the user needs to determine which situation is the electromagnetic direction valve failure.

What is the case that causes the electromagnetic direction valve of the surgical bed to fail. The specific inspection method is to measure the voltage of the directional valve first. If there is a voltage of the check, the cause of the fault should be the mechanical card of the changing valve to death. This is caused by impurities pulling shaft hair, which can be solved by disassembling the conversion valve. If you use a surgical bed, you find that there is a unilateral operational failure, you can check it as mentioned above, find out the cause of the fault and solve the fault on your own. Of course, if you don't need to use it urgently, do not repair the operating bed by yourself, but contact the manufacturer to arrange for maintenance.



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