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The electric surgical bed is the power of electric hydraulic pressure, the control structure composed of solenoid valve, speed regulating valve, and control switch. The power of the two -way hydraulic oil cylinder is controlled by electric hydraulic pressure. The position of the species, such as the back of the waist, the movement of the movement, the movement of the movement, the left and right front and the back, and the back and forth, which can quickly meet the requirements of surgical operations. 1. Hydraulic system: The overall layout, convenient installation, stable control, light quality, compact structure, small volume and low noise, etc. This is the characteristic of the hydraulic system of the electric surgical bed. It includes oil cylinders, fuel tanks, capacity storage, throwing valves, solenoid valves, overflow valves, pressure meters, and one -way valve.

The capsule storage device can be used as a source of power to store pressure oil and release energy when needed. Realize the automatic compensation according to the pressure form. The driver motor is driven independently by its respective drivers.

On both sides of the surgical bed are equipped with close -range control bed controls, and various motion control can be completed through the hand controller. 2. Circuit system: The parameters of the circuit system of the electric surgical bed are controlled by the microprocessor. The microprocessor is connected to the hydraulic and motor execution parts through the controlled driver. The hydraulic and motor execution parts are used to complete various movements to complete the surgical bed include: forward and backward movement, vertical movement, lifting movement and bed rotation.

The use of microprocessor design can simplify the circuit design, greatly reduce the line failure point, and ensure the reliability of the action. Essence


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